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Paryavaran Mitra advocates for new policies and proper implementation of environmental laws. We have been instrumental in bringing some landmark judgment pertinent to environment which has strengthened public participation, increased accountability of government, and helpful in getting compensation to affected people. The Unique contribution of Paryavaran Mitra is in Public Interest Litigation (PIL) for more than two decades ensuring support and presence in all and one litigations of Gujarat. As a part of advocacy we influence government and judiciary in bringing effective legislation and policy change for sustainable development by using various means of advocacy like Right to Information (RTI), Media (print and electronic), judiciary, state assembly etc. Some of our case studies are given below.

Creation of Eco- Development Fund

Legal intervention for the setting up of an Eco- Development Fund for betterment of communities living around & affected by the industries.

Action for Implementation of Environmental Laws by Shopping Malls in Ahmedabad

Enquiry & action against 11 shopping malls in Ahmedabad for violating environmental laws.

Implementation of the Order of High Court for Alleviating Pollution from Kharikut Canal by Paryavaran Mitra

Intervention to ensure implementation of high court order to control pollution in GIDC estates in Ahmedabad and clean up the Kharikut canal
constructed for the purpose of irrigation

Efforts by Paryavaran Mitra in formation of Right to Information Action Committee-2009

  • Formation of Right to Information Action Committee with the efforts of Paryavaran Mitra.
  • Right to Information Action Committee advocating for reforms in the Right to Information Act & taking steps in that direction.

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