REG NO.: E/20934/Ahmedabad | IT PAN:  AACTP8594L | 80G No.:   80G(5)389/PM/2016-17/587 | 12AA: AACTP8594L/713/15-16/T-917/12AA | GUIDESTAR NO: 6907

Our Vision and Values


Paryavaran Mitra is a Gujarat-based non-profit organization with Regd No: E/20934/Ahmedabad working on socio-environmental issues. It was initiated in 1997 as an enviro-legal cell to advocate for human rights in the face of growing environmental degradation and pollution.  Since May 1, 2015, it has become an autonomous institution. Over the years, it has steadily grown and established itself in the field of environment especially encouraging public participation in environmental decision making processes in the state of Gujarat. It has been promoting sustainable development through participation in environmental governance at local, regional, and national level by participation in policy making process. Paryavaran Mitra promotes environment education and aware all group of the society through various programmes, seminars, and trainings. It has been supporting international initiatives towards evolving systems and processes for sustainable development. The Unique contribution of Paryavaran Mitra is in Public Interest Litigation for more than two decades ensuring support and presence in all and one litigations of Gujarat. Paryavaran Mitra is an observer organization in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and has participating in Conference of the Parties and high-level meetings.

It has also been granted special consultative status by ECOSOC (United Nation’s Economic and Social Council) in 2018.


Striving for sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development, and environmental protection.


To create a sustainable well-being and climate resilience society.


  • To promote environment education and awareness
  • Capacity building-Educate / train, sensitize and demystify on issues of environment and industrial pollution – youth, women, voluntary organizations etc and organize interactive programs with academic institutions, experts and other stakeholders working for environment protection
  • Networking with local organizations to sensitize on the local environmental issues and strengthening them to effectively work towards redressal of environmental issues
  • To educate community on environmental issues and assist them to cope, adapt and build resilience, and climate justice
  • Sustained efforts for ensuring climate justice
  • To motivate and mobilize communities to participate in decision making process of environmental governance
  • To educate the community for advocating for environmental justice through access to law, the courts, and public opinion
  • Awareness of the court verdicts pertaining to environment protection for its effective implementation
  • To promote and encourage the use of social audit system for environmental protection

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