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Contributors / Team

Mahesh Parmar

Having completed M.A. (Psychology) from North Gujarat University and Labour Studies from Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute (MGLI), Mahesh has been part of Paryavaran Mitra for more than a decade, and as a Field Officer his contributions are profound and immense. His area of work includes awareness of among people at grassroot level for Environmental Public Hearing (EPH), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and other environmental issues. Mahesh Parmar has been instrumental initiating and training paralegals in Padra and Rajula districts of Gujarat.   He has also been writing articles on environmental issues in Paryavaran Mitra Magazine.

Manisha Patel

Ms. Manisha Patel has done her graduation in B.Sc. (Chemistry) and Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science from M.S. University, Baroda. She has varied experience in working with environmental consultancies. She has been involved with Paryavaran Mitra since 2012.  She has been multitasking in various tasks such as drafting environmental audit report, reviewing environmental impact assessment, documentation and reporting, analyzing policies and laws, and responsibility for setting up and coordinating lab work. Since 2017, Ms. Manisha Patel is also coordinating the Green Catalyst Program. Her role is to inspire the youth working or participating in the events of Green Catalyst. She develops leadership qualities, management and planning terminologies in the trainees. Her character and her presence have helped Green Catalyst to grow and develop and to lead a way to better society and environment.

Foram Jhaveri

Ms. Foram Jhaveri is a Computer Engineer by profession. She joined Paryavaran Mitra by her interest and concern for environmental degradation and has also been a part of Green Catalyst program. She plays a vital role in coordinating with volunteers and schools to lead several events and training under Green Catalyst Program. She is also involved in administration, finance allocation, reporting and documentation, website management and advocacy. Moreover, she has also been associated with the bi-monthly magazine of Paryavaran Mitra.

Falguni Joshi

Holding Master degree in Journalism and bachelor in Law, she has more than 20 years of experience in policy-related development issues, particularly in the areas of environment protection, spreading awareness, environmental law, mass media and governance. She is board member of NatureCode and also co-ordinator of Gujarat Forum On CDM – a network of Organisations working on Environmental issue & monitoring of CDM projects in Gujarat.  She has also participated in COP-19 at Warsaw in 2013.Under her leadership as co-editor, Falguni Joshi has also been associated with the bi-monthly magazine of the organisation, “Paryavaran Mitra” since 1997.

Bhupat Solanki

BhupatSolanki worked for more than a decade in Paryavaran Mitra. His forte was working as a Field Officer at grass-root level and to create among them about environment. He has been instrumental in initiating and training paralegals in Jhagadia (Bharuch) and Khambhat (Anand) of Gujarat.  He was also involved in awareness at grassroot level to strengthen public participation at grassrot level.

Kinnari Shah

With a master’s degree in Environmental engineering and Diploma in Environmental Legislation, Kinnari had expertise in reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment Reports.  She participated in Environmental Public Hearing coordinated environmental protection programs, and documenting field work. She also actively participated in stakeholder consultations at both provincial and national level and was a trainer for corporate management on clean development mechanism process and other pollution prevention issues.

Hiral Mehta

Since being a vital member in contributing to Paryavaran Mitra, Hiral brought Environmental Audit and EIA related expertise to Paryavaran Mitra. She was also involved in Public Hearings, Court Hearings and other legal matters, trainings and media relations apart from EIA report analysis. She also raised carbon credit and CDM process malfunction issues in policy dialogues.

Chiteisri Devi

Chiteisri Devi joined the organisation to pursue a grassroots experience of environmental laws across the state of Gujarat. She was actively involved in carrying out field research on CDM projects in the district of Kutch and followed up on EIA Notifications of three projects in Kutch, Vadodara and Amreli district.

Anusri Bhatt

After completing her Environmental Engineering, Anusri joined Paryavaran Mitra.  She showed immense dedication and enthusiasm for all the activities of organization which includes research and analysis work, awareness programs etc.

Dhara Gajjar

Dhara Joined join Paryavaran Mitra very young but soon she took interest in almost all the aspects of the organisation and was involved documentation and reporting, managing Paryavaran Mitra newsletter, sending comments on EIA Reports and CDM projects and was part of a booklet on Climate Change Lecture Series titled “MausamParivartanNishnatoniNajare”.

Dr. Vipin Makwana

After completing Master in Social Work, Vipin has done his Ph.D. from Gujarat Vidhyapith, Ahmedabad.  He was with Paryavaran Mitra for almost a decade as a Program O0fficer and was pioneer in initiating grassroot actions. His active role and leadership has proven critical for the success of this initiative. He has also authored a book called Panchayatni Paryavaran Pothi” and has submitted 50 articles in various newspaper and magazines.

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