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Awareness Program

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Climate Change Lecture Series (CCLS) by Paryavaran Mitra

To increase public awareness of climate change, Paryavaran Mitra initiated a lecture series on 22nd November, 2008. The lectures were organized on every second and fourth Saturday each month, two lectures a month by various recourse persons.

The lecture series continued till March 2013 during which 71 lectures were conducted on various topics which covered topics from basic understanding of climate change to social, economical and ecological impacts of climate change.  Speakers were environmental experts, academicians, government officials and other representatives, environmental consultants, politicians, journalist, lawyers, and social workers.

The main beneficiaries of this program included students and faculty members of various departments, people from civil society organization, consultants and people keen and interested in the aspects of environment and its changes and transitions taking place

The kind of responses and participation that were seen in the number of programs and talks that took place regarding CCLS reflected the very importance of the issue. People and ardent enthusiasts coming from all different areas and arenas showed wide knowledge people have about the concept in question. We were able to enhance familiarity of the subject through broad scope of topics related to climate change.

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  1. 2008-2009
Sr. No. Name of the Subject Date Name of Speaker
1. Basic Understanding of Climate Change 22nd November, 2008 Prof.  J. N. Joshi

Retired H.O.D., Environmental Engineering Department, L.D. Engineering college, Ahmedabad

2. Economic impacts of  Climate Change


13th December, 2008 Prof. Hemant Shah

H.K. Arts and Commerce college,  Ahmedabad

3. Environmental Conditions of Gujarat and Effects of Climate Change 27th December, 2008 Shri Rajnibhai Dave

Social worker, Bhumiputra, Vadodara

4. Climate Change – Role of Environmental Professionals 10th January, 2009 Shri Rakesh Shah

Anand Consultancy, Ahmedabad

5. Incontinent truth Thing Globally Act Locally 24th January, 2009 Film screening  produced by Ale Gore (ex- wise president of America)
6. Increasing Sea level and its effects 14th February, 2009 Shri Atul Sharma

Gujarat Maritime Board, Gandhinagar

7. Environmental problems of Gujarat and its solution 28th February, 2009 Dr. A.K.A.Rathi

Rtd.Technical Advisor of Govt. of Gujarat, Industries Commissioner, G. I. D. C.

8. Climate Change and its relations with Economy and Ecology 14th March, 2009 Prof. Gaurangbhai Shah

Sahjanand Arts and Commerce College, Ahmedabad

9. Political willingness and Climate Change issue 28th March, 2009 Shri Mahesh Pandya, Paryavaran Mitra
10. Importance of EIA as a tool to mitigate Climate Change 11th April, 2009 Shri Snehal Satyapanthi

(Practicing consultant in Environment Management)


  1. 2009-2010


No Date Name of the Subject Name of Speaker
11. 25.04.09 ‘Climate Change and Intellectual Property Rights’ Dr. Rushikesh Mehta

Principal, Maneklal Nanavati Law College

12. 9.05.09 Development Projects, Biodiversity and Role of People Dr. Kaushik Raval
13. 23.05.09 “Your planet needs you: UNite to combat climate change” A panel discussion 1. Vivek Sheth: Environment Consultant

2. Paras Jha: Media Person

3. Sunil Parmar: Post Graduate Diploma in NGO Management Student, EDI

4. Dhara Gajjar: Member, Paryavaran Mitra

CHAIR PERSON: Prof. J.N. Joshi (Rtd. Prof. Environment Engg. Dept, L.D.Eng. College, A’bad)

14. 13.06.09 Biomedical Waste – Present Burning Issue Shri Prakash Vaghela (Environmental consultant)
15. 27.06.09 Climate Change-Mitigation Measures Mrs. Parna Mukherjee

(Lecturer, Institute of Law , Nirma University )

16. 11.07.09 “Our role in Global & Local issues” Representative from GPCB Mr. Naresh Thaker
17. 25.07.09 Environment Management Standards-ISO 14000 Mr. Gopal Shah (environment management Consultant)
18. 8.08.09 Climate Change effects on agriculture Mr. S.M.  Patel (Department of Agriculture)
19. 22.08.09 Ozone Layer and its depletion Mr. N.M. patel ()
20. 12.09.09 Rain water harvesting Mr. P. D. Vyas
21. 26.09.09 Climate Change Mitigation : Experiences from Europe Katarzyna Trizpiola (law student from Warsaw University, Poland)
22. 10.10.09 EC Process: Responcibility and perspective of Environment Consultants Darshan Parekh (environment Consultant)
23. 24.10.09 Bangkok Climate change talks Mahesh Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)
24. 14.11.09 Legal responses to Climate change: Prof. S.R. Rathod
25. 28.11.09 Introduction to CDM, Climate change and its financial implications: Rujavi Barhate & Mandar Barhate
26. 12.12.09 Ketan Trivedi (Journalist) International politics of climate change
27. 26.12.09 Gopal Jain, CEE Experiences of Copenhagen climate summit
28. 9.01.2010 Shri Gopal Shah Climate Change and Technological Challenges
29. 23.01.2010 Ms. Sejal Dand

(Director, ANANDI)-

Climate Change and Food Security
30. 13.02.2010 Mahesh Pandya National Action plan on climate change
31. 27.02.2010 Bhupat Solanki


Experiences of Environment Public Hearing
32. 10.03.2010 Jayashreeben Joshi

Director, ISAR

Role of women in combating climate change
33. 24.03.2010 Dr. Arun

RMO, Vasant Nature Cure

Effects of climate change on Health
34. 23.08.09 Divya Bhaskar Article on Ozone layer and protection delivered by Mr. N.M. Patel  in Climate Change Lecture Series
35. 25.01.10 DNA Climate change Lecture series : Food security


  1. 2010-2011

After March 2010, only one lecture per month was organized with a total of 42 lectures delivered by various experts on variety of subjects related to climate change till December 2010.

The topics discussed and covered were related to environment in Gujarat Assembly, Climate Change Lecture Series, festivals and pollution, Transportation-Environment and Health, Environment Impact Assessment – Current Situations; pollution-affected Padra Taluka, Global Warming: Post Copenhagen, Climate Change and Indian Environment Laws etc.

Sr. no. Date Subject Speakers
36. 10.04.2010 Climate Change, Environmental Laws and food security Mahesh Pandya Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)

Kanchi Kohli (Kalpavriksh)

37. 22.05.2010 Climate Change: Impacts and Mitigation Measures (In reference to urban areas) Rutool Sharma

(Faculty of Planning and Public Policy, CEPT University , Ahmedabad)

38. 26.06.2010 Legal Riddles – Bhopal Gas Tragedy Mr.Bhushan Oza

(Human Right Activist and Senior Advocate, Gujarat High Court)

Mr. Raj Panjvani(Senior Lawyer, Supreme Court of India)


39. 24.07.2010 Climate Change – Effects on Agriculture Mamaiyabhai Kumbharwadia

(Rtd. Deputy Director, Agriculture Department)

40. 28.08.2010 People’s participation in Forest conservation


Shri Pravin Majithia (Deputy Conservator of Forest, Eco Tourism, Gandhinagar)
41. 25.09.2010 Climate Change : Role of Media Shri Sanjay Dave, Charkha

Paresh Dave, Development 42.Support Centre,

Ayesh Khan, Indian Express

42. 23.10.2010 Livelihood and Climate Change

Gender and Climate Change

Ms. Alka Palrecha (People in Centre) and

Ms. Dharmista Chauhal (Gender Resource Centre)

43. 27.11.2010 Climate Change and Biodiversity Dr. Y.T. Jasrai (HOD, Botany Dept., School of Science, Gujarat University)
44. 25.12.2010 Why do we need to conserve Biodiversity? Ms. Yatri Baxi (Environment communicator & Editor, Paryavaran Santri )
45. 22.01.2011 Effects of climate change on Birds Dr Bakul Trivedi (editor, VIHANG)
46. 26.02.2011 Effects of climate change on Maldharies Ms. Mona (MARAG)
47. 26.03.2011 Importance of Celebrating Environment Days


Mr. Paresh Dave (Programme Manager,Communication,DSC)

Ms.Jaya Hemnani (Teaching & Research Associate, GNLU)


  1. 2011-2012

We initiated CCLS as a common platform to share and discuss the climate change issue. From October 2011, University School of Law collaborated with Paryavaran Mitra and provided a fix venue for the CCLS.

From April 2011 to March 2012, a total of 57 lectures have been delivered by various experts on variety of subjects related to climate change till March 2012. Some of the series include: “Global Warming – Man-Made or Natural Process” and Climate Change Lecture Series – CCLS on the issue of land. The lectures delivered during the year April 2011 to March 2012 are as follows:

Sr. No. Date Speaker Topic
48.. 23rd April, 2011 Mr. Praveen Prakash (Programme Coordinator, Industries Group, CEE) Climate Change and Impact of Ecosystem
49.. 28th May, 2011 Mr. Mahender Jethmalani, (Programme Director, Patheya) Environment, Forest and Budget
50. 25th June, 2011 Engineer Suresh Kumar Madhavlal, (Add. Asst. Engineer, Ahmedabad) HAM Radio: Its Usefulness and Climate Change
51. 23rd July, 2011 Ms. Shailaja Pillai, (Advocate, Gujarat High Court)

Mr. Bhushan Oza (Senior Advocate, Gujarat High Court)

National Green Tribunal – Hope for Justice
52. 27th August, 2011 How changes in Land use affect our Environment? 1.                  Mr. Sagar Rabari (Gujarat Lok Samiti)

2.                  Mr. Darshan Parekh (Environment Manager)

3.                  Mr. Snehal Satyapanthi (Environment Manager)

4.                  Ms. Alka Palrecha (Architect and Planner)

53. 24th September, 2011 Eco-Sensitive Zones: “Shock Absorbers” for the protected areas 1.                  Shri P.G. Majithia (Retd. Officer, Forest Dept.)

2.                  Shri Manish Vaidya (Wildlife Activist)

3.                  Shri Himanshu Banker (Human Rights Activist)

54. 22nd October, 2011 Let’s Understand Climate Change with the help of Technology Dr. Nirzar Lakhia, Honorary Coordinator – M.Sc. (Climate Change and Impact Management)
55. 26th November, 2011 Climate Change: Natural or Man-Made? Dr. P.S. Thakker (Scientist)
56. 24th December, 2011 Today’s Burning Problem: Global Warming Dr. P.N. Pathak (Scientist and Writer of many informative books)
57. 28th January, 2012 How changes in Water trends affect the Ecology? A Case Study of Nal Sarovar Rohan Thakker (Visiting Faculty, Climate Change Dept., Gujarat University)
58. 25th February, 2012 Cut the Carbon: E-Waste Management 1.                  Dipen Shah (Eco-Sarjan)

2.                  Prakash Vaghela (Environment Manager)

59. 24th March, 2012 Resources Conservation and Waste Management Shri S.M. Jha (Rt. Senior Environment Scientist, GPCB)


  1. 2012-2013

From October 2011, University School of Law collaborated with us and provided a fix venue for the CCLS. Paryavaran Mitra invited people from different cross-sections of the society through emails, letters and other sources. The list of lectures conducted during April 2012 to March 2013 is as follows:

Sr. No. Date Subject Speaker
60. 28.04.2012 Environment Scenario of Gujarat – From CAG’s eye Mahesh Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)
61. 26.05.2012 Green Economy: Does it include you? Prof. Rohit Shukla (Economist &Political Analyst)
62. 23.06.2012 Corporate Environment Responsibility Shri Mohan Krishna (Janvikas)
63. 28.07.2012 Climate Change – Effects on Water Supply Dr. Jagdish Barot (Ex-Member Secretary – Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Former Advisor – Environmental Health, WHO – South Asia, currently teaching climate change at Saint Clair College, Canada
64. 25.08.2012 FARMERS: Changing Climate, Changing Situation Paresh Dave (Development Support Centre)
65. 22.09.2012 Climate Change: International Dimensions (with reference to Bangkok climate change talk 2012) Mahesh Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)
66. 27.10.2012 Importance of Preserving Agricultural Biodiversity at Local and Global Level Shri Tushar Pancholi (Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra)
67. 24.11.2012 Preserving Bio-diversity through Public Participation

Eg. Organic Food Festival

Shri Ramesh Patel (Secretary, SRISHTI, Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions
68. 22.12.2012 Side Events at Doha Climate Change Conference COP-18 1.      Mahesh Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)

2.      Praveen Prakash (Centre for Environment and Education)\

3.      Falguni Joshi (Paryavaran Mitra)

4.      Hiral Mehta (Canada)


69. 25.01.2013 Problem of Global Warming International Dimensions & Ground Realities with Special reference to Outcomes of COP-18 1.      Mahesh Pandya (Paryavaran Mitra)

2.      Praveen Prakash (Centre for Environment and Education)

3.      Falguni Joshi (Paryavaran Mitra)

4.      Hiral Mehta (Canada)

70. 23.02.2013 Shining the Sustainable Way – Is Sustainable Development Being Achieved through Carbon Credits? Group of Management Students from HL BBA (Abhishekh Tiwari, Mukti Solia, Neel Vora, Pooja Shah, Shreepal Doshi, Siddharth Shah, Vidhan Sanghvi, Vinita Ughani, Vivek Shah)
71. 25.03.2013 DMIC and its impact on Environment and Livelihood Shri Rajni Dave (Editor – Bhoomiputra) and Ms. Saheda Saiyed (Working Group for Women &Land Ownership)


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